Billiard Tournament VIP Pass
Billiard Tournament VIP Pass
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Billiard Tournament VIP Pass

Planning to honor notable guests and participants with priority treatment at your competition? Use Billiard Tournament VIP Passes to ensure they receive all the perks you’ve got in store. Designed to echo the top of a pool table, cues frame sixteen lines of your event’s details. Each printed pass comes with unique ticket barcoding and numbering, which aids security. 
  • Billiard Tournament VIP Pass
  • Measurements are 8.49" by 3.69" approximately
  • Matching Event Kit
  • Top quality, low cost 
  • Matching #9 envelopes or #10 envelopes can be added to your order
Organize your VIPs with passes especially printed for the purpose! Browse to find the design suited to your event.