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EVENT KIT SAMPLE KIT - includes all our products (FREE)
  • 1 sample Event Kit includes almost ALL our products: event tickets, raffle tickets, wristbands, event badges, invitations, postcards, club flyers, roll tickets, flyers, and stickers.
  • 1 Event Kit is your 1-Stop Shop, 1 Integrated Theme. Everything you need for marketing, promotion, event/raffle operations. Simple, easy, and professional!

Event Ticket Sample Kit (free)
  • A stunning assortment of our event tickets, from hip hop to gospel, from golf to martial arts, from nightclubbing to plays.
  • With over 2,000 templates, we can find the exact theme for your important event. High-security options available.

Raffle Ticket Sample Kit (free)
  • Great looking raffle tickets sell more raffle tickets. People feel they are getting value for their donations, your sales will increase!
  • Check out this collection of successful raffle ticket designs and raffle ticket templates.

Custom Ticket Sample Kit (free)
  • Real custom tickets we have designed for real customers.
  • Our custom tickets are precisely what you need in terms of the perfect design, reserved seating, security and more.

Stickers Sample Kit (free)
  • Stickers are your shout-out. Stickers get you, your event, and your brand in front of people. Catch eyeballs!
  • An array of stunning stickers including all of our sticker types: vinyl/outdoor, bumper, and economy.

Wristbands Sample Kit (free)
  • The lowest prices anywhere (!) with 2 day processing and customization.
  • Our Tyvek® wristbands are essential tools for easily managing your event.

Event Badges Sample Kit (free)
  • Professional event badges with absolute brilliant quality: full color, professional media, several size choices.
  • Options include guest names, holograms, unique barcodes and round corners.

Paper Sample Kit (free)
  • A sampling of our various papers.