Sandra went over the checklist in her head. Had she forgotten anything? She went over it again:

  • Volunteers? Check.
  • Entry wristbands? Check.
  • DJ? Check.
  • Hors D'oeuvres? Check.
  • Prizes? Check.
  • Custom Raffle Tickets? Check

Sandra picked up the roll of raffle tickets. There seemed to be an awful lot of them, but at one dollar a ticket, she figured they'd come close to selling out. Besides, the posters they'd put up around town and the postcards they'd mailed out seemed to generate good buzz, so they should get a good crowd.

Still, Sandra felt like she was forgetting something. This was, after all, her first attempt at raffle ticket fundraising. And while she had found more information online than she ever thought she needed, she was still nervous that she'd left something out.

  • Tables and chairs? Check.
  • Decorations? Check.
  • Ticket stations? Check.
  • Drum to hold raffle ticket stubs? Check.

She seemed to have all of her bases covered. Sandra told herself she needed to relax and try to enjoy the evening. She began to think about how exciting it would be once the raffle began.

The raffle! She didn't have anyone to pick the winning tickets!

Sandra couldn't do it herself; she needed to be monitoring the event to make sure everything went as planned. She looked around the ballroom. She should pick one of the volunteers, since they'd done so much to help. But who?

Sandra spotted young Avery Lewis put in decorations up on the stage. Avery had been helping Sandra from day one, and he did look comfortable standing on that stage...

"Avery," said Sandra, waving for the young man to join her. The rest of the volunteers loved Avery, and Sandra knew that his parents would be proud to see him take on such a crucial role in the night's events.

Avery agreed with a smile and went back to his decorations. Sandra relaxed. She no longer felt like she was forgetting something.