Reunion 3 VIP Pass
Reunion 3 VIP Pass
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Reunion 3 VIP Pass

Send your special guests to the top of the class! Order Reunion 3 VIP Passes to give out to sponsors, speakers, and other attendees you want to treat to perks like complimentary parking, great seats, and lounge access. Topped with a purple banner carrying bold aqua typeface announcing your event, this pass offers lots of space to present event and VIP information. 
  • Reunion 3 VIP Pass
  • Pass measurements are 8.49" x 3.69"
  • Customize 18 text lines on front, option to add an image on back
  • Security numbering on each pass
  • Prints in vivid color on top-quality stock
  • Matching #9 envelopes or #10 envelopes can be added to your order
Provide easy access to perks to your important guests with VIP passes printed for the occasion from