Raffle Bench 1.01 Released

By Lance Trebesch

Elk River Systems, Inc. has released version 1.01 of RaffleBench Plus. RaffleBench is an application that designs, prints, and manages raffle tickets and events.

RaffleBench Plus lets you design and print an unlimited number of raffle tickets (with as many stubs as you wish) for an unlimited number of raffles. You can use RaffleBench Plus's pre-defined templates to easily create new ticket projects, or you can define your own ticket from scratch.

It's as simple as setting the ticket size, designing the ticket, selecting the print settings, and then printing high-quality raffle tickets with graphics and sequential numbering. You can import images with support for BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, ICO, TIF, TGA, PCX, WBMP, and WMF EMF file types. Combine your images with multicolored text, and standard graphical elements to make professional-quality raffle tickets. Elk River Systems also provides high quality ticket stock allowing you to print your raffle tickets on most any printer.

After you design your raffle ticket, RaffleBench Plus' print run management system keeps track of your printing, allowing you to print additional tickets, and create an audit trail of the tickets that you have printed.

RaffleBench Plus lets you effectively manage the distribution of your tickets. You can maintain a list of distributors, assign tickets to them, and track their sales. You can produce a report that will give you a complete breakdown of all the tickets distributed and sold in addition to the names of the winners.

RaffleBench Plus is ideal for schools, businesses, churches, other non-profits, and individuals who need to create high-quality raffle tickets. The program is easy to install, and includes a comprehensive online help system.

Written in C++, RaffleBench Plus runs on Windows(2000, ME, NT, and XP).

For more information about RaffleBench Plus, contact:

Elk River Systems, Inc.,
PO Box 6934,
Harlowton, Montana 59036.

Phone: 888.771.0809.
E-mail: sales@ticketprinting.com.