Magic Show Raffle Ticket
Magic Show Raffle Ticket
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Magic Show Raffle Ticket

Conjure up a fantastic fundraiser with the Magic Show Raffle Ticket. Thanks to a magician’s top hat and vintage-inspired fonts, this playful raffle ticket template has enough magic to entice everyone into entering to win a great prize. Each customizable raffle ticket template features a detachable stub and secure numbering. 
  • Magic Show Raffle Ticket
  • 1.875 inch perforated stub
  • Approximately 5.63 inches by 1.97 inches
  • Individual numbering
  • Booklet stapling available
Reach your fundraising goal with a wave of your magic wand and the right raffle ticket from Increase your Magic Show Raffle Ticket’s allure and use it in tandem with our matching event kit.