Masquerade Ball 2 Event Ticket
Masquerade Ball 2 Event Ticket
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Masquerade Ball 2 Event Ticket

Glitter, glamour, and mystery are all part of your event. Reflect its atmosphere and stir up attendee excitement when you sell Masquerade Ball 2 Event Tickets! This elegant design gilds your gala’s details with a stunning Venetian mask and Art-Deco-inspired typeface. Secure numbering enhances security and detachable stubs enable easy re-entry. 
  • Masquerade Ball 2 Event Ticket
  • Sizing is approximately 1.97" x 5.63"
  • Clean-tearing, detachable stubs, unique numbering
  • Booklet stapling is optional and complimentary
  • Matching flyers, invitations, VIP passes, and more available
  • Low cost, exceptional quality
  • Orders turn around in 1 business day
  • Matching #6 1/2 envelopes can be added to your order
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