Year Classic Purple Event Kit

Ring in the New Year in an epic fashion when you use the Year Classic Purple Event Kit. This classy ticket template will mirror the class of your event, with fancy lettering and bright bold color. This design allows you ample space for customization, ensuring your event great success. With this Event Kit, you will not only receive VIP Passes, Postcards, Posters, Flyers and Invitations, but General Admission, Drink and Raffle Tickets as well!

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Year Classic General Admission Ticket (Purple)

Year Classic Purple General Admission Ticket

$67.30 for 300 ($0.22 per item)

Classic Raffle Ticket (Purple)

Classic Purple Raffle Ticket

$84.14 for 1000 ($0.08 per item)

Year Classic Flyer (Purple)

Year Classic Purple Flyer

$11.71 for 25 ($0.47 per item)

Year Classic Invitation (Purple)

Year Classic Purple Invitation

$16.81 for 50 ($0.34 per item)

Classic Drink Ticket (Purple)

Classic Purple Drink Ticket

$51.50 for 100 ($0.52 per item)

Classic VIP Pass (Purple)

Classic Purple VIP Pass

$88.22 for 300 ($0.29 per item)

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