Christmas Reindeer Event Kit

You don’t have to wait for Santa’s arrival to start playing reindeer games! Use Christmas Reindeer Event Kits for your next seasonal event. Each holiday-themed event kit item features a dark red background with a white details, and includes the outline of a prancing reindeer on each side.

  • Christmas Reindeer Event Kit
  • Event ticket
  • Raffle Ticket
  • Invitation
Take a sleigh ride with and let us help you find the event kit.

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A Christmas raffle ticket with a reindeer.

Christmas Reindeer Raffle Ticket 001

$84.14 for 1000 ($0.08 per item)

A Christmas invitation with a reindeer

Christmas Reindeer Invitation 001

$16.81 for 50 ($0.34 per item)

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