Ballet Slippers Event Kit

Leap gracefully into outstanding ticket sales! Whether you’re looking to sell out a performance of Swan Lake or pack guests in for a fundraiser for the local dance troupe, the Ballet Event Kit is just for you. This colorful ticket features a photo-realistic image of a dancing ballerina. With this Event Kit, you will not only receive VIP Passes, Postcards, Posters, Flyers and Invitations, but General Admission, Drink and Raffle Tickets as well!

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Ballet General Admission Ticket with stub and image upload.

Ballet General Admission Ticket

$68.33 for 300 ($0.23 per item)

Ballet VIP Pass printed in color

Ballet VIP Pass

$92.81 for 300 ($0.31 per item)

Ballet Flyer in pink and blue with 6 image uploads

Ballet Flyer

$11.71 for 25 ($0.47 per item)

Ballet Poster in pink and blue

Ballet Poster

$11.48 for 25 ($0.46 per item)

Ballet Invitation in pink and blue.

Ballet Invitation

$16.81 for 50 ($0.34 per item)

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