Tulsa Postcard Mailer
Tulsa Postcard Mailer
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Tulsa Postcard Mailer

If you’re hosting your event in one of the US’s most livable cities, you want to get the word out! Get the most out of your contact list with the Tulsa Postcard Mailer. Blending Tulsa’s Native American and oil-rich past with a vibrant future through abstract imagery and a bold color palette, this design is an attention-getter! Customize to your unique needs in minutes. We’ll custom print and send out via USPS First-Class Mail. 
  • Tulsa Postcard Mailer
  • Postcard’s size when printed: 4.25" x 6"
  • 23 text lines to fill with your event’s details
  • Upload your mailing list, we’ll direct-mail via USPS First-Class Mail
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