Heavy Metal Economy Event Badge
Heavy Metal Economy Event Badge
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Heavy Metal Economy Event Badge

Ready To rock? Make sure special guests have all access by ordering customized Heavy Metal Economy Event Badges for each one. Burning with headbanger energy, it makes show and wearer details easy to see. Save your spreadsheet of VIPs as a CSV file and upload—we’ll print badges customized to each person laid out with name and credentials. Matching lanyards or badge holders are available. 
  • Heavy Metal Economy Event Badge
  • Dimensions approximate: 2.7" x 3.8"
  • 1 image upload, 11 lines of text
  • Unique QR coding 
  • Badge holders available
  • 10% nonprofit discount
  • Speedy order processing
  • Excellent quality
  • Matching badge holders or lanyards can be added to your order
Extend your visual brand while managing attendees, staff, and press with badge holders from TicketPrinting.com.