Page Layout

Page Layout allows you to set the dimensions of the current ticket by changing the paper size and orientation, the page margins, and the number of tickets per page. Page Layout is divided into two sections - Page Layout and Paper Size.


The red lines represent the ticket margins. You can change the ticket margins here. The blue lines are used to represent the printing margins for your printer. You will need to set these printer margins in the Print Margins Layout Window. If any of the red lines lie outside the blue lines, that portion of the ticket whose border is outside the blue lines will not print. You can modify the ticket layout margins by entering the desired values in the appropriate fields for the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom margins. The changes appear in the preview display on the right side of the screen.


Margins: Left, Right, Top, Bottom, range: unlimited, default: 0.0 inches


We set the default page layout margins to 0.0 inches for a very specific reason. If you do not want to deal with having to trim your ticket's edges, then leave these margins at 0.0 inches. This way, all of your tickets will be the exact same size without doing any trimming. If, however, you want to print, for example, five tickets/page that are 7.5" x 2.2", you would want to  make the left margin 1", and leave the right, top, and bottom margins at 0.0". After you print the tickets, you'd have to trim 1" off the left side.


The Page Layout section allows you to change the following settings:



The Paper Size section allows you to change the following settings:


The right half of the dialog contains a preview area that reflects your changes. The black rectangle represents the paper, the red lines represent the full size of each ticket, and the blue lines represent the printable area of each ticket.


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